An interview with Neal Stephenson

Neal Stephenson talked to Arc about breaking the human body out of its IT prison. His collection of short pieces, Some Remarks, had just been published in the UK, bringing into one volume his writings about the rise and fall of Wired-style digital culture.

An interview with Ned Beauman

Ned Beauman talks Arc about The Teleportation Accident, a genre-splitting novel that, unlike his dark debut Boxer Beetle, wears its comic impulses on its sleeve. When culpably naive Weimer emigre Anton Loeser stumbles into the Los Angeles dreamtime in the late 1930s, he triggers a series of world-shattering incidents, none of which involve him getting laid.

An interview with Liz Jensen

Liz Jensen dropped into Arc’s offices to discuss her new book The Uninvited, an accessible and very frightening vision of ecological and political crisis.

“I thought about John Wyndham a lot,” she says, “and the ways he found to tell a complex, global story from a single, intimate point of view.” The result is chilling. Across the world, children are killing their families. The experts say it’s an isolated incident – and they’re wrong.