“Seasoned with a sprinkling of science”

That’s what it says here. I’m never going to live this one down.

From 19 – 24 August 2013 I’ll be at Totleigh Barton, “a thatched, pre-Domesday manor house, nestled in the rolling hills of one of the most peaceful and beautiful parts of Devon,” teaching for the Arvon Foundation alongside Tania Hershman, one of the country’s more energetic champions of the short story. We’ll be guiding new, uncertain, confused and increasingly anxious writers through the interzone between fiction and science writing in a course imaginatively titled Science and Writing.

Totleigh Barton

It says here that “we will be giving you different ways to sprinkle science into your writing, encouraging you to play!”

Ha. Expect intense intellectual rigour, cut with grotesque displays of temper, as we attempt to fuse the two cultures in the magnetic bottle of us getting paid for once.

Heidi Williamson, who was was poet-in-residence at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre, is our guest reader.

The course costs between £620 and £680 and grants are available for those on low income – click here for more information.

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